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We are striving to take FinTech to all in their language

Arth Shikshan is an ed-tech content based portal. This is a FinTech initiative for customer education and training and make them financially literate and aware. Since last few years FinTech has taken momentum and has disrupted the industry resulting in emergence of various new advanced financial services and rapid digitization in banking services. In recent times we see startups, banks, insurance firms coming up with various digital payment platforms like UPI, Mobile wallet, USSD, AEPS etc., loan products etc and the burning question is whether the customer/user is ready to adapt this disruption? Can they understand the implications of fraud or a mistake? Wouldn’t they need some prior education or training to embrace this new mechanism or new change?

Arth Shikshan has precisely identified this need to have a digital platform to train and educate many such consumers on core financial concepts, available financial services, steps to use financial services, it’s importance & precautions.

Arth Shikshan digital platform is equipped with educational videos in local & regional languages with engaging methods of self-assessment, games, simulated tools and flashcards. We have leveraged technology to merge best practices like use of videos in local and regional languages with brief contents and engaging methodologies.

In recent years, Government along with regulators, banks and FinTech companies are putting efforts to achieve financial inclusion. Customer education and training towards financial literacy and awareness along with digitization is quintessential. Given the vastness of Indian geography and India’s diversity, we believe that a digital platform based educational support in regional & local languages is the way to go.

This platform can be leveraged by any individual who is keen to self-learn and achieve financial literacy. Our effort is to mainly reach out to the rural population, underprivileged segments, high school students and elderly people. This also will relieve some pressure on banks which get crowded by consumers asking basic questions, will reduce the call center costs to banks and give a feeling of self-reliance to the consumer thereby satisfying all stakeholders and meeting the financial inclusion guidelines of govt.

We welcome NGOs, Self-help groups, banks, government bodies to use this platform and reach rural and underprivileged segments. This initiative will help to achieve financial inclusion on broad spectrum.

We suggest schools to use platform. High schools can educate students on Financial literacy as they are going to be the next generation responsible citizens.

Segment which is new to digitization like elderly people, housewives can leverage platform and educate themselves to digitization and new financial services.

Let’s engage with Arth Shikshan and get seamless learning experience in regional and local languages in simple and lucid form and educate and train yourself towards financial inclusion and banking digitization.

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