Arth Shikshan and Venko: Partnership for Financial Literacy


Arth Shikshan, with its core focus on an educational portal for Financial Literacy in regional and local languages, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Venkatesh Edutech Private Limited, affectionately known as Venko. Together, we aim to bring the crucial life skill of financial literacy to the right audiences through various channels offered by Venko.



Arth Shikshan’s Core Focus:

Arth Shikshan stands out with its dedication to providing a comprehensive educational portal for Financial Literacy. Our courses are meticulously designed in regional and local languages, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. In addition to the online portal, Arth Shikshan actively engages in various supporting activities, creating a holistic learning experience.

Collaboration Highlights:

Learning Management System for Schools:

Arth Shikshan will integrate its multilingual financial literacy curriculum into Venko’s Learning Management System, targeting high school students and their parents. This initiative aims to empower the younger generation with essential financial knowledge.

Financial Literacy Camps:

The Venkatesh Group’s cooperative banks, Multistate Credit Societies, NBFCs, Paytech and Fintech Companies and other financial services entities will collaborate with Arth Shikshan to conduct financial literacy camps on their premises. This on-ground approach ensures direct engagement with the community, fostering a deeper understanding of financial concepts.

Venko Services:

Venko is a Unique Phygital Platform offering a spectrum of Educational, Learning and Skilling services across Maharashtra and India. Its core subjects are Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship Mindset, Vocational Training and Value Education. The collaboration with Arth Shikshan aligns with their commitment to holistic development and empowerment.

Why Financial Literacy Matters:

Financial literacy is not just a skill; it’s a life-changing tool. It equips individuals with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions, fostering economic well-being and resilience. Financial knowledge enables the individual for taking critical decisions and rational thinking.

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Join Arth Shikshan and Venko in the journey towards a financially literate and empowered society!

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